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Updates: Operation Vuka Vuka update

31 October 2002, Posted in News

From February 1, 2003 , Numsa’s Western Cape region and its local offices will experiment with a new way of working in an attempt to improve service and organise members better. According to the overall co-ordinator, Western Cape regional organiser, Karl Cloete , from that date, all 9 organisers across the region (except for the organiser based at the George office) will work from the regional office. Only administrators will be left in the local offices.

“Organisers will be deployed across the locals based on whatever services are needed. At least two organisers will concentrate on arbitrations, working with the legal department. This will free up the rest of the organisers to do other organising work like negotiating restructuring, employment equity, skills and so on,” says Cloete.

Wits Central West will try out a slightly different model. They will leave one administrator and one organiser in each office. “The region is still to have a further workshop to work out the practicalities,” says Cloete.

Meanwhile the KwaZulu Natal region is still to finalise its model at a workshop in late November.