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Update on the wage talks in the Bus passenger sector

30 January 2017, Posted in Press Releases

The National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa is disgusted at the absurd wage offer made by the Employers in the Bus Passenger sector. The Employers are offering a meagre 4% wage increase to workers.

To add insult to injury, they haven’t responded to any of the other demands. NUMSA’s view is that it is essential for all sectors of the economy, and for the future of the country, for industrial relations between workers, employers and trade unions to be progressive.

Employers need to accept that workers must be paid salaries which restore their dignity, in return for the back breaking work that they are expected to perform every day. At the very least, workers should earn enough to be able to take care of their families. But instead, employees in this sector continue to be victims of super exploitation and most of them are paid R6000.00 per month before statutory deductions.

This paltry income forces workers to work excessive overtime which is a risk to both drivers and commuters. It’s precisely for this reason that NUMSA is outraged at the National Minimum Wage of R3500 per month, as proposed by Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa. This doesn’t go far enough in dealing with the plight of bus drivers in a country where there is no public transport.

The Employer associations which are engaging with NUMSA in these negotiations are:

1. COBEA which represents the following bus companies: Putco, Mgqibelo, Mayibuye, Buscor and Golden Arrow.

2. SABEA which represents the following bus companies: Megabus, Mega Express, Bojanala, Gauteng Coaches, Itereleng, Atamelang, Autopax, Great North Transport, ReaVaya, Phola Coaches and Greyhound .

Benefits for workers have steadily eroded and their working conditions are deteriorating in the South African Road and Passenger bargaining council sector. This must be corrected in this round of negotiations.

NUMSA is calling on Employers to take these talks seriously. So far their conduct has demonstrated a blatant disrespect for the wellbeing of their employees and their recklessness is jeopardizing the future of the industry. This industry could collapse if workers flexed their muscle and go on strike.

NUMSA would prefer to avoid a strike. No one wins in a strike. We want to avoid hostile negotiations because it will be very costly both for workers and employers if we were to down tools. Workers lose wages during a strike and employers will definitely lose business and the greater community will suffer.

Employers have until the 9th of February to agree to our demands; otherwise we reserve our right to declare a dispute.

We are emboldened by the dedication that our members continue to show to their work, in spite of the poor working conditions that they are exposed to. NUMSA’s demands are the first step in securing dignity and equality for the workers and their families.

NUMSA calls on all workers in the bus sector to join and fight with us for justice and an improved quality of life. We call on all workers to stand with our shop stewards while we negotiate for better terms. NUMSA is the only revolutionary radical union with a proven track record of fighting for justice and equality. We call on workers of the bus passenger sector to unite behind NUMSA. You have nothing to lose except your chains!

Each one teach one.

Organize or starve

Aluta continua .

Issued by Irvin Jim, General Secretary NUMSA.
Contact details: +27 73 157 6384