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Secretariat Report – a basis for discussion

30 April 2004, Posted in News

Secretariat Report – a basis for discussion

While delegates noted that there were some gaps that needed to be filled, it was agreed that additions would be made and that this document would serve as the basis for discussion in regions.

The report is divided into four sections:

Political and international


Organisational and

Collective bargaining

The political and international section deals with the alliance, the relations between Cosatu and the ANC, what are the balance of forces internationally that influence internal events and relationships.

The socio-economic report provides background information on the economy itself and how government’s economic policy has driven it in a particular direction. It examines how and where the economy has grown and not grown, the extent of poverty and inequality in the country. The report focuses in on Numsa’s sectors and reports on job growth, sectoral growth and profitability in these sectors.

An extensive organisational section probes the functioning of the leadership, the structures, the regions, the financial status of the union, the membership project as well as specific departments within the organisation like legal, gender, health and safety, education, information and communications.

The section on the heart of the union, collective bargaining, deals with progress made in each sector around issues such as wages, training, job summits and jobs and so on.

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