NUMSA commemorates the 100 year anniversary of the Russian Revolution

10 May 2012, Posted in Campaigns

In February and March 2012 Numsa's structures will be working hard to recruit new members so that by the end of March we reach the target of 300 000 members.

Read below for reasons why you should join Numsa.


1. is the biggest trade union organising in the motor, auto, engineering, tyre and rubber sectors.
2. gives you free, professional, legal advice right from the day you join and will represent you at workplace level, at the bargaining council or the CCMA and right up to the Labour Court if your case warrants it.
3. gives you free membership of Doves funeral scheme as soon as you start paying union subscriptions. Doves will give you, your spouse and your children a dignified burial should you die.
4. provides a bursary scheme for you or your children to study at a university or technikon.
5. has fought and won workers' rights and improved their wages and working conditions since the 1970s and is working hard to stop retrenchments, short-time and factory closures.
6. trains your representatives in your workplace to advise, represent and assist you at work.
7. has negotiated large industry pension and provident funds that provide for you when you are retrenched, dismissed or retire and which you can use as collateral to get a housing loan.
8. has negotiated Sick Pay Funds that pay you maternity benefits and paid sick leave once you exhaust your sick leave.
9. as part of Cosatu, takes up issues that affect you at home and in your community.
10. has links with other trade unions on the continent and internationally so as to build international worker solidarity.
11. has almost 60 offices with 272 staff and more than 3000 shop stewards across the country – all to service you better.

All this for just 1% of your basic wage!

But Numsa can only be as strong as its members. Workers divided are weak. Metalworkers unite – join Numsa now!

If you want to find out more about Numsa and why you should join, contact one of Numsa's offices closest to you (see the addresses elsewhere on this website) or e-mail Bafana Ndebele on