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Numsa statement on the latest developments – Engineering/Metals sector strike

23 July 2014, Posted in Press Releases

” Every strike brings thoughts of socialism very forcibly to the worker’s mind, thoughts of the struggle of the entire working class for emancipation from the oppression of capital” – Vladimir Lenin

The National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (Numsa) is currently holding a Special National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting in central Johannesburg. The special NEC is being attended by the Numsa National Office Bearers (NOBs’), worker leaders from all our Regions and members of our National Bargaining Team.

The special NEC is deliberating on the proposed settlement offer, as facilitated by the Department of Labour (DoL). In line with our core principle of worker mandates and accountability, it will develop a concrete and detailed framework for reporting back to our members, the owners of the strike.

The NEC condemned the hasty decision taken by SEIFSA to publicly communicate the offer to all newsroom wires, without affording the union an opportunity and a right to report back to members. This flies in the face of the unions own democratic principles and processes to gain feedback and mandates from our members, the real custodians of the strike. We call on SEIFSA to hold back and allow members to reflect on the proposed settlement offer.

The union’s final decision in relation to the proposed settlement offer will only be communicated once we have received a mandate from our members. A number of General Meetings will be convened in the next two (2) days to present the offer. A Special NEC will be convened at an appropriate time to receive feedback and a renewed mandate from our members. This is line with our established traditions, as worker-controlled, transparent and democratic trade union.

The NEC appreciated the resoluteness and unwavering firmness of workers in demand of a Living Wage. All our regions reported on the strength of the strike.

Furthermore, the NEC was humbled by the numerous messages of support and solidarity we continue to receive on daily basis from our allies here at home and abroad.

Lastly, the strike continues and has not been suspended.  Our members, at the coal face of the strike will make the final decision on whether to end the strike or not.

Issued by:

Castro Ngobese
National Spokesperson
Mobile: +2783 627 5197
Tel (dir) +2711 689 1702
Twitter: @castrongobese