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NUMSA not threatened by UNTU’s baseless attack

28 May 2018, Posted in Press Releases

The National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa has noted the statements made by the United National Transport Union, UNTU.

UNTU has been attacking NUMSA by making outrageous claims about our battles for recognition at Transnet. We reject the false claims made by UNTU as well as their outrageous claims against us.

Clearly the leadership has nothing better to do than to issue statements trashing
NUMSA. What they fail to understand is that regardless of how many lies they peddle against us, that can never be a substitute for servicing members.
NUMSA is the largest trade union in the country with 360 thousand members and one of the biggest on the African continent. We did not get to this position by basing our strategy on false propaganda and talking. We got here because we are a militant worker controlled union which is concerned only with defending the rights of our members.

We are fearless and we take on epic battles on behalf of our members. For example, we are driving the campaign to end labour brokers in South Africa once and for all. We have won at CCMA and the Labour Appeals Court on this issue, and we defended this case all the way to the Constitutional Court. We expect a positive outcome soon. We are at the forefront of a national campaigning to scrap the new labor laws which will legalize slave wages and undermine the wright to strike. Thanks to our efforts and that of SAFTU and the #ScrapNewLabourLaws Coalition tens of thousands of workers participated in rolling mass action against the state in defiance against these draconian changes.

In comparison all UNTU can do is to issue baseless statements against us. We don’t
blame them. They are panicking because with each passing day dozens of their
members are joining NUMSA because they recognize what genuine militancy is.
UNTU’s constant whining about NUMSA and its activities are nothing more than the desperate actions of a dying trade union which is fast losing relevance and credibility.

We are not threatened by them and that is why we have consistently ignored them. The irony is that the more UNTU writes about us, the more they popularize us because they clearly have nothing to say about their own work and achievements as a trade union. While they desperately attempt to hog the airwaves with their empty rhetoric, we will keep up the good work of mobilizing workers and servicing members.

Aluta continua!
The struggle continues!
Issued by Phakamile Hlubi-Majola
NUMSA National Spokesperson (Acting)