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Numsa goes back to its members for a mandate

18 October 2013, Posted in Press Releases

On Saturday 19 October 2013, the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (NUMSA) will hold 52 Local Shopsteward Councils (LSSCs) throughout the country. The aim of the LSSCs is to collate views of members on the issues on the agenda of the union’s extraordinary Special National Congress scheduled for 13 to 16 December at Birchwood Hotel and Conference Centre on the East Rand, Ekurhuleni in Gauteng. A special NUMSA Central Committee (CC) meeting held on 11 August 2013 took a decision to convene a Special National Congress.

NUMSA held its ordinary National Congress in June 2012. The next ordinary National Congress is due in 2016. “The Central Committee decided to call for a Special National Congress after a sober analysis that led to a conclusion that a lot has happened since our last ordinary National congress in June 2012”, says NUMSA’s Deputy-General Secretary Karl Cloete. “As we met at our June 2012 National Congress we never imagined that a liberation movement like the ANC would adopt a neo-liberal document like the National Development Plan (NDP). We also did not know that a massacre of workers like it happened in Marikana could take place in a democratic South Africa.

We also could not imagine that our federation – COSATU – could be so paralysed and incapable of taking forward a single struggle or implementation of its 11th Congress resolutions, programs and campaigns. What we also did not anticipate was that the President of the RSA and who is President of the ANC would sign into law the privatization of public roads through e-tolling”

NUMSA goes into its Special National Congress in December with the following as agenda items:

1. Challenges facing the Alliance between the African National Congress (ANC), the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) and South African Communist Party (SACP)

2. Divisions within COSATU

3. NUMSA’s approach to the 2014 national and provincial elections

4. How NUMSA can provide better and quality service to members and the adoption of a draft NUMSA Service Charter

5. Making NUMSA a shield and spear of struggling workers

6. A report on a NUMSA socio-economic strike planned for the first quarter of 2013.

Since the beginning of this week, workers from different NUMSA-organised workplaces held shopfloor meetings to discuss the issues on the agenda of the Special National Congress. To facilitate these workplace discussions, NUMSA produced a special Numsa News supplement. The union has also distributed a DVD outlining the reasons for convening the Special National Congress and an explanation of the agenda items of the gathering. “When the union leaders and spokespersons speak; it is sometimes implied or concluded that what these union representatives say are their own views. What we have here is a bottom-up approach, where we are asking our members what they think about the political and socio-economic developments around them”, says Cloete.

On Saturday 19 October, shopstewards as workplace representatives will come together to consolidate what they heard from members. Each Local which is an industrial branch of NUMSA will feed its position to Regional Executive Committees (RECs) which are being held on Friday 25 – Sunday 27 October. Each of the NUMSA’s nine regions will hold a Regional Congress on Saturday 23 November; so that regional delegations at the Special National Congress arrives at the meeting with a mandate.


Castro Ngobese
National Spokesperson
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