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NUMSA demands that SAAT suspend and discipline managers accused of corruption

16 August 2017, Posted in Press Releases

The National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (NUMSA) has been informed that the investigation compiled by forensic investigators, Open Water Risk Solutions, into the operational procurement and the awarding of long term contracts for component support at SAA Technical has been completed. The investigation looked into the management of agreements between SAAT and third parties with regard to the leasing of engines, logistics, components, paint, tyre, aircraft recovery and repair management contracts. It also analyzed operational procurement processes. Open Water were appointed in June 2016, and completed its forensic investigation on 2nd of May, 2017 and the findings were handed to SAAT management.

The report finds that tender manipulation was allegedly practiced by a number of senior managers and executives of SAAT. The findings are damning. The report exposes how senior managers and executives at SAAT allegedly flouted supply chain policies when choosing preferred bidders for tenders, for example, it makes allegations about how one manager manipulated the final figures of certain bids to ensure a particular outcome. It also finds that another manager solicited employment from a particular airline to ensure its appointment as the preferred bidder in terms of a large tender. The report identifies a number of SAAT executives and recommends that disciplinary steps be taken against them.

The final report was released to SAAT during May 2017 and recommended that a number of senior managers be disciplined. Despite this, SAAT has taken no action against them.

NUMSA demands that SAAT implements the recommendations in the report disciplining all those named in the report. If SAAT refuses, NUMSA will consider embarking on protected strike action to compel the company to implement the recommendations, and take disciplinary action against the managers and executives identified in the report. NUMSA notes that SAAT is quick to discipline workers, for minor infractions, but slow to discipline managers for serious misconduct. NUMSA will do whatever is necessary to protect its members and ensure that SAAT applies discipline consistently.

NUMSA has always maintained that the financial woes at SAAT (and SAA) are as a result of poor management, corruption and looting, and not because of the impact of poor economic conditions. The Open Waters report shows just how deep corruption runs at the SOE. The looting of resources directly impacts on wages and job security of our members, and has a direct impact on it’s ability to create jobs.

NUMSA calls on SAAT to release the report to all media and the public. SAAT is a state owned entity and the public has a right to know the full extent of the allegations of corruption and looting at SAAT.

NUMSA notes that the Labour Court recently ordered that SAAT extend its mandate to Open Waters and instructed it to investigate certain other senior managers to determine whether they breached company policies. This includes the CEO Musa Zwane; Chaile Makalaeng HOD Baseline Management, Nontasa Memela and Princess Tshabalala of Procurement. If the further investigations reveal that those individuals breached company policies (including procurement procedures), the court ordered SAAT to take appropriate action against them. NUMSA calls on SAAT to reveal what it has done to implement the court order issued on 4 August. It must quit stalling for time. NUMSA will approach the court to hold SAAT in contempt of court if necessary.


Aluta continua!
The struggle continues!
Issued by Phakamile Hlubi
Acting NUMSA Spokesperson