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NUMSA condemns Whirlpool management for trying to force us into signing an agreement!

21 November 2017, Posted in Press Releases

The National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (NUMSA) condemns attempts by the management team at Whirlpool to force us into accepting an agreement, without consulting our members, in order to end the strike.

At least 900 workers at Whirlpool have been on strike since the 6th of November to demand housing assistance. The demand for housing is major issue for our members. The majority of them earn a meagre R43 per hour which means the only accommodation they can afford is in the slums and informal settlements which are dotted in the townships all over the country. They are forced to raise their families in shanty towns and squatter camps, and they suffer the indignity of being denied basic services like sanitation, water and electricity.

The management team at Whirlpool waited until the eleventh hour on Sunday afternoon to request a meeting with us. They made a proposal of R150 per month housing assistance, but we are demanding R500. They gave us a limited time in which to sign the offer, and they refused to give us a chance to consult our members. We reject this offer and we condemn Whirlpools attempts to bully us into signing this agreement. We wish to remind the management team at Whirlpool that NUMSA is a worker controlled, Marxist-Leninist inspired trade union and our members have made it clear that they will not return to work until Whirlpool makes a meaningful offer which they can engage with.

Furthermore, we have compromised from our initial demand of R1000 p/m housing assistance and we see no reason why Whirlpool can’t meet us halfway. Our members have already rejected this offer and we are failing to understand why Whirlpool keeps presenting us with this proposal.
We are inspired by our members. For the last two weeks they have stood firm. They are fighting for a dignified life for themselves and their families. They are willing to give up their wages for what they believe them. We salute them – they are heroes of the working class!
We will be meeting the management team at Whirlpool today to discuss the strike.

Aluta continua!
The struggle continues!
Issued by Phakamile Hlubi
NUMSA National Spokesperson