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3 December 2007, Posted in News

Dear Numsa NewsGreetings!First of all we still live a hard life (no civilisation). There are no jobs or job opportunities, we suffer in poverty.

Our government keeps saying we must work without getting paid. It is not easy to volunteer knowing very well that there is no food at home but you are working.

You wake up early in the morning, you get back late (on a weekly basis). Your children expect you to come home and put food on the table for them but you know very well that you can't afford to provide food for them because of the government's volunteer programme which gives you no payment.It's been a while now and you haven’t talked about it at your meetings.

The ministers are getting very good money and they live decent lives. Starting with Mr Mbeki. Don’t you think it will be helpful for them to volunteer for maybe two months and give out the money to people who are suffering.

I know Mr Mbeki gives grants to children who don’t have their moms and dads and he gives grants to old people "pension money". Afrikaners and white people make us their toys.

They play with our minds and make us their slaves because they know very well that there are no jobs. Even if they do something bad to you, you won't quit because of lack of job opportunities.

If you decide to quit what will you provide or buy food with for your children to survive so that they won't suffer from poverty and start doing crime.

Where are we going South Africa? What are we being? What are we going to be in the future if we can't help each other?

What happened to the law, respect, dignity, the feeling of love, honour and shame for each other. Our children are killing each other because they no longer have feeling, respect and the rules to obey.

Will you tell your child to obey your rules not knowing and not having the ability to provide food for him/her. They will tell you that you can't provide food for us to eat.

We buy food for ourselves, we dress ourselves so why must we obey your rules when you can't even take care of us? White people don’t want to pay us decent money because the government doesn’t want to make a law for all workers to get the minimum starting wage of R3500 per month in the motor industry.

Whites are whites and will always be whites just like whites at the farms or should I say who own the farms.
They make sure that we don’t progress and there is no progress in our lives. I am saying this because I'm talking from what I am experiencing.

I have 19 years service working at this motor spares outlet but still I can't even take my children to tertiary level and all of them have completed their matric.Mariam Moloantoa (letter shortened because not all pages received)

A Ke Bona Botshelo?

A ke bona botshelo?Fa re gataka ditshwanelo tsa rona,Re fitlha dithuto tsoo rraronamogolo,Gaabo motho go lebetswe,A ke bona botshelo?Fa go fitlhwa thabantsho.

A ke bona botshelo?Fa mmala wa sebilo o biloga,Fa baba ba rona ba bakwa le batho,A ga se rona baba ba rona?Re nna di selammapa,Re betsana ka noga e tshela.

A ke bona botshelo?Fa re golega bagolo ba rona,Kgaka kgolo ga ke na mebala…Tlhago e tshwere dikarabo tsotlhe,Ke thotobolo ya dikgang,Reetsang gonne ke maitsanape.

Bathong a ke bona botshelo?Go senyegile koo rrantsho,Go dubegile koo ratshweu,Bobi bo jele setsi,Naga ya gaetsho e a tlhonama,Lotso gompieno lo leba thaelong.

Melodi ya tuduetso e kae?Go tshwerwe phage ka mangana,Malenku a marumo!!Gaa Lowe ke kwa kae?Tlala e lala le rona,A ke bona botshelo?

A ke bona botshelo?Fa tshetsana e kgobega,Re boga tshotlakako ya botho,Bagaetsho ba lebile moya-batho,Re ya go aga le diboko.A ke bona botshelo?

Pastor Andries Linda Mbokazi


Freedom for all, better life for all!Drums of freedom were beatenRhythms of freedom were heardBells of freedom were rungSongs of freedom were sungJoyous expression was witnessedRejoice and ululation was displayedWhen better life for all was sungWhen gateway to freedom to all openedWhen the dreams for better life for all began27 April 1994 is the day.

Can someone tell me please?What does 'freedom for all' mean?What does better life for all mean?When the majority is still poorWhen the majority knows no joyWhen the majority knows no decent salaryWhen more and more become unemployedWhen the majority walk in dusty streetsWhen some live in half-match box housesWhen Forms "C" never knows a houseWhen will I see the fruits of freedom?When will I know better life for all?Tell me someone tell me please!

Can someone tell me please?Does the blood of martyrs nourish the tree of liberty?When a few elites enjoy lifeWhen a few elites become richerPerhaps, fancy cars for the minorityPerhaps, a few from township to suburbsPerhaps, some families in power togetherTell me what to tell Vuyisile MiniWhen he rises from the graveWhat to tell Solomon Mahlangu?When the last bell ringsIs it what it implied?Is it what it really meant?Was it worth dying for?Tell me someone tell me please.

What does freedom for all mean?What does better life for all mean?When the state shakes responsibility awayWhen public subsidy is compromisedWhen public assets in private handsWhen labour is casualised indefinitelyWhen job security is no moreWhen crime and corruption become twinsWhen arrogance is the order of the dayHow will I get to know you?How will I get to understand you?Are you the freedom for all surely?Are you the better life for all truly?Why so anonymous then?

Am I too barbaric to know?Am I too illiterate to read?Am I too ignorant to understand?Am I too naïve to analyse?Am I too deaf to hear?Am I too blind to see?That the palm and the back are identicalThat the colour change is the differenceThat my eyes see no better life for allThat my eyes see the law of the jungleExcuse my blindness someone please.

Can someone talk sense to me please?How much time is needed now?How much space is needed now?To redress the imbalance of the pastTo alleviate the poverty and starvationTo eliminate nepotism and greedTo eradicate the legacy of the pastThat the fallen fighters rise and rejoiceThat our ancestors rise jubilantKnowing their death is not in vainKnowing their plight is fulfilledTalk sense local government, talk sense please!

Melphin Lametyi, Tembisa


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