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Embattled aviation seat manufacturer allegedly set dogs on striking workers

4 April 2006, Posted in Press Releases

At least 350 workers at a multinational aviation seat manufacturer Aerodyna in Cape

Town are up in arms with the management after security guards allegedly set dogs on

striking workers, seriously injuring one contract worker.

And in a dramatic turn, The National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (NUMSA)

regional organizer Fizel Carelse was briefly arrested, reportedly for trespassing and

questioned by the police who were summoned by the company management. Carelse

came into the company to put down fires and negotiate with management after workers

downed tools in protest against the employment of contract workers.

Aerodyna human resources director Anne-Marie Bosman reportedly provoked a wildcat

strike at the Strand Beach factory last week after she unilaterally enlisted a labour broker

to provide the company with 90 contract workers. These contract workers were

ostensibly offered higher job grades and better wages more than the permanent


NUMSA Western Cape region has filed a notice to call a legal strike after management

bluntly refused to cancel the new contract with the labour broker, Carelse said.

“Management alone is to blame for further disruptions and work stoppages because it

refused to terminate the contract with labour broker and disregarded negotiations with

unions on the requirements to outsource some of the operations,” Carelse said.

NUMSA felt that the company by rejecting to engage labour unions on outsourcing

further threatened job security, non- compliant with Labour Relations Act and this will

ultimately lead to the slow death of the trade unions.

The company has further barred NUMSA organizers and shop stewards from conducting

meetings with workers within the company premises. When workers marched out in their

numbers to continue with their meeting on the streets, company management ordered that

senior officers should monitor closely the workers meeting and video-recorded the

meeting proceeding.

NUMSA is shocked and deeply astonished by the local management’s conservative

attitude and myopic approach to workers’ justifiable demands for consultations on any

outsourcing of some work operations which is in line with LRA requirements.

Mziwakhe Hlangani

NUMSA national information officer

Cell: 0829407116

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