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Education: Education indaba – your chance to speak out

29 September 2005, Posted in News

Case handling speeds onRegions are continuing to train shop stewards on case handling. Since the last Numsa News, workshops have taken place across most Numsa regions. If your shop steward has not attended, make sure s/he does.

Expect better case monitoringLegal administrators came together for two days in September to standardise their internal business processes and to learn about a new case tracking system. The new system will help Numsa offices track cases and show where a member’s case is in the legal process. In the long term, if a member has access to the internet, s/he will be able to punch in his details and find for him/herself where the case is.From October 26 to 28 about 100 delegates from Numsa’s regions will ge t together to plot a route for Numsa education until the next National Congress in 2008.

Before then each region will hold a special workshop to share ideas, assess the current programme and try and come up with new ways of doing things. We encourage locals and even workplaces to try and discuss the issues as well.

Conference delegates will deliberate around these issues: * how is it that workers are educated – is it just through workshops and seminars; how do workers learn through campaigns, strikes and struggles? * what can we learn from other trade unions across the world and in South Africa on how they educate their members and leaders?* what is on Cosatu’s education agenda? * what kind of methods should we use to effectively reach shop stewards and members? * is accrediting trade union education politically and practically viable?* should we link industrial training with internal education? * are our education structures efficient; how do we link in Numsa writers, Numsa djs on community radio stations into structures – which structures should they fit into?

Write and tell us what you think. We will take all your ideas to the conference.