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Collective Bargaining: Auto strike looming

30 June 2004, Posted in News

Numsa”˜s revised auto demands:

A guaranteed wage increase of 9% across the board;

3-year wage agreement;

Training should take place during working hours;

100% payment of maternity leave;

For every artisan there must be one apprentice;

Workers working under labour brokers should be employed permanently after 3 months;

Any bonus should be calculated at 9%;

Provide anti-retroviral drugs to HIV/AIDS sufferers and they must be given 30 days sick leave cycle;

Negotiate additional categories of workers for level 5;

5 days per occurrence for family responsibility leave.

A strike in the automobile sector seems unavoidable, after the Automobile Manufacturers Employers Organisation (AMEO) slightly increased their wage offer to 6,5% across the board.

This follows disputes declared in both the motor and engineering sectors.

The union rejected auto employers’ 6,5% wage offer as unacceptable. The wage talks were adjourned and the parties will meet again on July 3 and 4.

The union has reduced its wage demand for all workers from 15% to 9%. Workers in all the companies have resumed with lunch hour protest actions in an attempt to put pressure on employers to accede to their demands.

So far, the mobilisation of workers is gaining momentum and the strike is getting closer.

ISCOR offer 4,4%

The first round of wage talks between Numsa and Iscor’s steel division failed to yield positive results last month. This comes after the company offered a starvation 4,4% wage increase across the board.

The parties failed to meet on June 24 because the company’s chief negotiator was shot in a crime-related incident. The union has learned that he is currently in hospital in the Intensive Care Unit.

The parties will meet again on July 7-8. The union is demanding 8% for the lowest grade workers and 5% for workers earning above the maximum rates.

Dates to watch out for:

3-4 July: Final auto negotiations meeting before declaring a dispute. Current agreement expires June 30.6 July: Further engineering negotiations. Dispute was declared Tuesday June 22. Current agreement expires June 30. 6-7 July: Further motor negotiations mediation meeting around this years wage bargaining.7-8 July: Iscor wage negotiations. 10-24 July Motor: Local general meetings and factory general meetings, pickets and demonstrations at Retail Motor Industry offices of members. 20-21 July Another round of mediation for the motor sector. Current agreements expires August 30.