NUMSA commemorates the 100 year anniversary of the Russian Revolution

2016 Motor Negotiations

Motor Sector Settlement Agreement

Please find the signed Motor Sector Agreement: Download here

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NUMSA 2016 Auto sector agreement

We are pleased to report progress in the Auto Sector negotiations. Workers have mandated us to settle on an agreement, whose main contents include the following: 1. A total wage increase of approximately 35% spread over 3 years, with 10% in the first year, 8% in the second year and 8% in the third year. […]

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NUMSA 2016 Motor Negotiations updates

The 2nd Round Mediation meeting was held on 26 August 2016 at the Premier Hotel, Kempton Park. The caucus held on 25 August 2016 consolidated the Regional reports, following the Regional meetings to review our position, in order to get offers from the industry employer bodies. Download more detailed report of the Negotiations NUMSA members: […]

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NUMSA 2016 Motor Demands Pamphlets

NUMSA 2016 demands: Downloads here You can send any query regarding 2016 NUMSA Motor, Tyre¬†and Auto Industry negotiations at :  

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