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2013 Motor strike resolution negotiations update

23 September 2013, Posted in Campaigns

The Numsa Special National Executive Committee (NEC) was convened today, Friday 27th September 2013, to update the NEC on the outcome of negotiations with the RMI and FRA as well as the engagement with the Minister of Labour and Minister of Energy.

The improved offer of 11, 6%, 9% and 9% for 2013, 2014 and 2015 respectively is recommended for acceptance to Numsa striking members in the fuel retail sector. This is a victory given the 7.5% offered by motor bosses at the point of deadlock.

Closing of the wage gap between urban and rural areas for garage workers (which is known as area differentials) by 2019 is recommended for acceptance by Numsa striking members in the fuel retail sector.

We provide the report below on how the union and Employer's negotiatiated. 

Attached is the negotiations update:

19 September 2013 motor strike resolution negotiations update report 

Numsa accepts fuel retailers wage offer for garage workers