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Numsa 8th National Congress – what speakers said

What ANC president, Jacob Zuma said: ..On unemployment and povertyWe have undertaken to halve unemployment and poverty from their 2004 levels and to substantially reduce social and economic inequality. We have made the creation of decent work, poverty eradication and combating inequality the centre of our economic policies. ..On crimeThe ANC is taking the fight […]

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Numsa 8th National Congress – Numsa says farewell to its outgoing president

Metalworkers bid farewell to President Mtutuzeli Tom Bonga Ngwane and Jenny Grice “I’m short of words, I feel like a birthday boy,” said outgoing President Mtutuzeli Tom at an event to honour him and the late Vice President Vincent Mabuyakhulu at the Numsa 8th national congress. He thanked Numsa for “making a human being out […]

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Numsa 8th National Congress – what was resolved

What congress resolved:This is a summary of key political resolutions adopted at the Numsa 8th National Congress. Get a copy of the complete resolutions from your regional or local office. On tilting the international balance of forces* the global financial crisis currently represents one of the many failures of capitalism and its neo-liberal ideology* this […]

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Numsa 8th National Congress – from the floor

Power of a song Ayanda Billie Outside the Emerald Hall at Sedibeng on the opening of the National 8th Numsa Congress there is singing, toyi-toying, joyous clapping of hands and dancing. Delegates from all corners of South Africka, carrying with them mandates from their regions show commitment. The hall dressed in Numsa struggle colours – […]

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Numsa 8th National Congress – setting the scene

Setting the Scene Numsa Gambles on Emerald Jenny Grice For just four days from Monday October 13 to 16, the normally serene Emerald Casino Resort on the banks of the Vaal River was transformed into a haven for the ‘reds’. More than 870 Numsa delegates and more than 200 invited guests gathered to debate resolutions […]

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