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No.4, August 2008 News

From October 13 to 16 2008, close to 1200 local delegates representing our nine regions will gather at the Emerald Casino Resort in Sedibeng to shape the future direction of metalworkers for the next four years. We are honoured that Numsa Sedibeng will be hosting a Numsa National Congress for the first time. Source Numsa […]

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Gautrain coaches strike has ended

The dispute between train coaches designer Union Carriage and striking metalworkers in Nigel has been provisionally resolved.  About 400 members of the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (Numsa) grounded production to a halt for two weeks over disagreement on management’s refusal to grant shop stewards time-off and engagement of a full time shop […]

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Smelter wage strike draws excessive scab labour

Polokwane’s Silicon Smelter wage strike is increasingly making the industrial area like the city of scab labour.  As the strike by 150 metalworkers over wage increase in the Silicon Smelter plant outside Polokwane in Limpopo, entered its second today (Tuesday) the management culture of accessing scab labour has seemingly took over business transformational ethics. Yesterday […]

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All out strike for Gautrain coaches

More than 400 workers at Nigel’s Union Carriage and Wagon Partnerships plant, which builds train coaches for the most celebrated Gautrain 2010 project, have embarked on strike to protest refusal by management to grant shop stewards time- off for union activities.  Enraged metalworkers formed picket lines outside the company and rendering the production of Gautrain […]

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Revised MIDP must boost up employment creation

The revised motor industry development programme (MIDP) may still in every inch advance urgently-needed job creation, research investment and work security. For the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (Numsa) it is the only way forward if the future of auto industry is to be sheltered and maintain tenability. And the metalworkers’ giant union […]

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Metalworkers’ fury at the cancellation of basic rights

Irate workers at Alstom South Africa, a global giant in equipment and motor transmission services, has downed tools to demand management to withdraw the cancellation of fundamental agreements on grading and other conditions of employment.  Just about the entire workforce went on a legal strike since last week after the newly- reshaped management board reneged […]

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