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Archive for December, 2007

Document – Comparison of ANC conference resolutions with Cosatu position

Comparison of ANC policy conference resolutions with Cosatu position STRATEGY AND TACTICS Monopoly Capital and the NDR Draft ANC Resolutions Cosatu Resolutions Additional comments * Divergence noted between ANC objectives and value system and those of monopoly capital.* However, response based on a model of a strong developmental state with private capital as partner in […]

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Politics – Messages from Numsa comrades and ANC members

Messages from Numsa and anc members to delegates to the ANC’s National Conference, Limpopo Sodibana eLimpopoThe battle lines have been drawn between those that seek to be at the helm of the ANC and their supporters. There are masters and servants in the understanding of the traditions, values and norms of the ANC (kuya le […]

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Letters: From Our Readers

Open letters to Shopstewards Dear Numsa shop stewards,Numsa's induction course for new shop stewards emphasises regular attendance at meetings, not only constitutional meetings but all meetings that are convened. This is more specific in chapter 4 (1)(e) of the constitution.Some shopstewards need to be reminded that as members they own the organisation. They are stakeholders. […]

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Big Belly Laugh

Big Belly Laugh Cosatu CC drink water from CanadaWe know that South Africa is a water-scarce nation but was it really necessary for Cosatu CC delegates to be drinking bottled water all the way from Canada? At the Central Committee held at Esselen Park in September water bottles on delegates' tables had two flags flying […]

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Politics – Interview with Kgalema Motlanthe

The challenges of the day in the ruling party and in Cosatu Kgalema Motlanthe, secretary general of the ANC, speaks to Numsa Bulletin about the multi-class nature of the ANC, the difference between a coalition and an alliance, the gender quota and the challenges of implementing ANC policy in government. What we see from the […]

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“Dare to struggle, dare to dream, dare to think”Lucy Oriang writing in the Kenya Daily Nation, February 11, 2005 said: “In 2002, I thought I had President Mwai Kibaki figured out. He was the ideal candidate, the man who would play Moses to our Israelites and lead us to Canaan after decades of distorted politics […]

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